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The Darjeeling Clock Tower, a colonial gem built in 1850 as part of the Municipality Building, charms with its neo-Gothic and neo-Classical architecture. The 100-foot-high stone tower is located at the junction of Gandhi Road and Ladenla Road, in the heart of the town. Locally known as the “Ghanta Ghar,” it not only tells time but also serves as a meeting point and a reminder of Darjeeling’s rich heritage. A visit to this charming structure offers a glimpse into the region’s past and panoramic views of the surrounding hills.


  • Historical landmark with rich colonial heritage.
  • Architecturally captivating with a blend of British and local influences.
  • The central location serves as a bustling meeting point.
  • Melodious chimes fill the air, adding to the town's charm.
  • Vibrant surroundings with bustling streets and lively markets.

Frequently asked questions

To reach the Clock Tower in Darjeeling, walk downhill from Chowrasta on Laden La Road. The distance from Chowrasta to the Clock Tower in Darjeeling is approximately 500 meters.

Clock Tower was built in 1850.

The Clock Tower is a significant historical landmark that represents the colonial heritage of Darjeeling and serves as a central meeting point in the town.

The Clock Tower in Darjeeling was built in 1921 during the British colonial period.

Yes, the Clock Tower is accessible to the public and can be freely viewed and admired.

Clock tower is open 24/7.

The total distance is about 550 meters.

The Clock Tower's timekeeping accuracy may vary, and it is advisable to refer to other reliable time sources for precise timekeeping.

Visitors cannot typically climb the Clock Tower or go inside, as it is primarily an architectural structure meant for observation from the outside

The Clock Tower is the oldest building in Darjeeling. Built-in 1921.

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Darjeeling clock tower with gloomy background.
Ankit Rao

Heartbeat of the Town

The Clock Tower is a great spot to soak in the local culture, bustling markets, and charm of Darjeeling. But besides its architectural value nothing stunning.
Darjeeling clock tower with gloomy background.
Pallab das
The Clock Tower in Darjeeling is a charming step back in time. The tower's blend of colonial and local design is striking against the Himalayan backdrop. Surrounding shops and cafes buzz with activity, creating a lively atmosphere. The tower isn't just for tourists – it's a cultural hub where locals gather, adding to its allure. Whether you're into history or seeking tranquility, this iconic spot is a must-visit in Darjeeling.

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