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Margaret’s Deck, a haven for tea lovers nestled in the heart of Kurseong, just beyond the iconic Darjeeling. Watch the art of brewing unfold, guided by knowledgeable staff who are your tea sommeliers. Soak in the elegant ambience, with colonial charm and panoramic valley views providing the perfect backdrop. Savour each sip as the fragrant steam dances around you, and let the hills whisper their secrets. 

Whether you’re a seasoned tea connoisseur or someone eager to explore the exquisite flavours of Margaret’s tea and other Darjeeling blends, simply click here to embark on a delightful journey into the world of aromatic brews.

Margaret’s Deck: A Historic Oasis in Kurseong

  • Origins in Elegance: Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Kurseong, Margaret’s Deck traces its roots back to 1937 when tea baron Andrew Yule constructed this wooden marvel as a guest house. Originally intended for his friends and business associates, the deck soon garnered fame and admiration for its captivating views of the Himalayas.

  • In the Name of Love: Named after Margaret, Yule’s daughter, whose fondness for the area led to frequent visits, Margaret’s Deck became a cherished retreat for those seeking solace amidst nature’s grandeur.

  • Goodricke Group Era: In 1992, the deck found new ownership under the Goodricke Group, a prominent tea company. A meticulous renovation took place, and in 1995, Margaret’s Deck emerged anew, ready to enchant visitors once more.

Tea, Tales, and Tranquility:

  • Tea Haven in the Hills: Beyond its rich history, Margaret’s Deck stands today as a haven for tea enthusiasts. The colonial-style tea lounge offers over 25 unique blends, showcasing the finest Darjeeling teas from First Flush to musky Second Flush varieties.

  • Brewing Artistry: Experience the art of brewing guided by knowledgeable tea sommeliers. Watch as each cup unfolds a story, and let the fragrant steam and panoramic views weave a sensory masterpiece.

  • A Tapestry of Flavors: From classic black teas like Orange Pekoe to the serenity of green teas and soothing herbal infusions, Margaret’s Deck is a journey for the palate, promising flavor adventures to both connoisseurs and beginners.

Beyond Tea:

  • Versatile Venue: Margaret’s Deck is not just a tea lounge; it’s a sought-after venue for weddings and special events, offering a picturesque backdrop for memorable occasions.


Margaret’s Deck, with its storied past and contemporary allure, invites you to step into a world where history, tea, and breathtaking vistas converge. Whether you seek a serene tea experience or a venue for special moments, Margaret’s Deck remains an iconic destination in the heart of Kurseong, Darjeeling.

Margaret’s Deck in Kurseong is a tea lounge, it’s a mountain haven steeped in Darjeeling’s finest blends. Imagine elegant ambiance, breathtaking views, and over 25 unique teas – a symphony of flavors waiting to be discovered. Come sip, savor, and be captivated by the Kurseong charm.

Margaret’s Deck is usually open at 8 am and closes at 7 pm. Excluding National and Regional Holifays

Absolutely! The iconic deck overlooking the valley is a favorite spot for many guests. However, indoor seating is also available in the charming tea lounge.

Yes, there is limited outdoor parking available near the tea lounge.

Margaret’s Deck boasts a diverse menu with over 25-30 varieties, featuring seasonal Darjeeling specialties like First and Second Flush, classic black teas like Orange Pekoe and English Breakfast, green teas like Lung Ching, and herbal infusions.

Yes, some decaf herbal teas are available.

Absolutely! Margaret’s Deck offers a selection of their signature teas available for purchase and take home.

The staff are happy to guide you through pairings, suggesting cookies, cakes, or light snacks from the bakery to complement your chosen tea.

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available for guests. 

The best time to visit Margaret’s Deck is during the clear months, typically from March to June and September to December. The weather is pleasant, and visibility is optimal for enjoying the scenic views.

Margaret’s Deck exudes a colonial charm, set amidst lush greenery and boasting wooden architecture. The ambiance is tranquil, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and tea appreciation.

While Margaret’s Deck offers a variety of snacks and meals, visitors are welcome to bring their own refreshments. Please remember to dispose of waste responsibly.

Yes, Margaret’s Deck can assist in arranging guided tours to explore the neighboring attractions, providing a comprehensive and enriching visit to Kurseong.

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07/06/2024 .ejryj8HaQtk
    Image of Margaret Deck in Kurseong
    I and my wife went here for our anniversary and we really loved it, the view and the ambiance. we really enjoy the place and the tea was a plus point
    Image of Margaret Deck in Kurseong
    Will definitely visit this place once again, I wish I had enough time to spend there the ambiance was top-notch, and the varieties of not make me start there.

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