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River in kalimpong
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Triveni is a popular tourist spot in Kalimpong, West Bengal. It refers to the confluence of three rivers – the Teesta, Rangeet, and Relli. This picturesque location offers a serene and scenic view of the merging rivers and surrounding natural beauty. Visitors often visit Triveni to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, take photographs, and admire the captivating landscapes.


  • Triveni is renowned for converging the Teesta, Rangeet, and Relli rivers, creating a mesmerizing sight.
  • The location offers breathtaking views of the mountains, valleys, and lush greenery, making it a paradise for nature lovers and photographers.
  • The locals consider Triveni a sacred place, attracting devotees who come to offer prayers and perform rituals.
  • The tranquil ambiance and serene riverside setting make Triveni ideal for picnics, relaxation, and unwinding amidst nature.
  • Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in various water activities like rafting and boating in the Teesta and Rangeet rivers, adding an element of excitement to their visit to Triveni.

Frequently asked questions

To get to Triveni in Kalimpong, hire a taxi or take a shared jeep from Kalimpong town, approximately 8 kilometers away. The journey takes about 30 minutes by road.

Triveni in Kalimpong does not have specific opening and closing hours as it is an outdoor location.

There is no entry fee to visit Triveni in Kalimpong. It is a public area and open for visitors to explore and enjoy without any charges.

Carry insect repellent, especially in the evening, as mosquitoes can be near the rivers. Wear comfortable shoes, as the terrain near Triveni can be uneven, and remember to bring a camera to capture the beautiful landscapes and the confluence of the rivers.

Triveni in Kalimpong does not have dedicated parking facilities. However, there are open areas near the confluence where visitors can park their vehicles

Triveni is a natural attraction in Kalimpong without specific on-site amenities. However, small shops or stalls may be selling snacks, beverages, and local handicrafts.

While Triveni in Kalimpong offers a scenic view of the confluence of rivers, it does not provide a panoramic view of the entire region

It would be best to allocate approximately 30min-1hour for a visit to Triveni. This duration allows you to appreciate the confluence of rivers, take in scenic views, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

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River in kalimpong


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