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Tiger Reserve in Dooars
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Buxa Tiger Reserve is situated in the Alipurduar district of West Bengal, near the Bhutan border. It spans an area of approximately 759 square kilometers and is an integral part of the Buxa National Park.

Buxa Tiger Reserve was established in the year 1982 as a national park, and it was later declared a tiger reserve in 1983. The region has historical significance, with the remains of the Buxa Fort located within the reserve. The fort served as a detention camp during the British colonial period and later during the Indian independence movement.

Buxa Tiger Reserve is home to a diverse array of wildlife, making a safari an exhilarating experience for nature enthusiasts. The reserve boasts the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Elephant, Leopards, Gaurs, various species of deer including Sambar and Spotted Deer, and the elusive Red Panda. Birdwatchers can delight in the multitude of avian species such as the Crested Serpent Eagle, Hornbills, and Oriental Pied Hornbill.

Embarking on a safari through the reserve allows visitors to witness these incredible creatures in their natural habitats. Activities during the safari include guided wildlife spotting, where experienced naturalists help identify and provide insights into the behaviour of the animals.

The thrill of encountering these magnificent creatures amidst the lush landscapes and diverse ecosystems makes the safari in Buxa Tiger Reserve a truly memorable adventure. Photographers can capture stunning moments, while the overall experience contributes to a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of wildlife conservation in this biodiverse region.


  • Buxa Tiger Reserve is renowned for its incredible biodiversity, housing a variety of flora and fauna. From the iconic Royal Bengal Tiger to Indian Elephants, leopards, gaurs, and diverse deer species, the reserve offers a chance to witness an extensive range of wildlife.
  • Birdwatchers are in for a treat as Buxa is a haven for birdlife. With over 284 species recorded the reserve provides ample opportunities for bird enthusiasts to observe and photograph these feathered wonders.
  • The ruins of the Buxa Fort, situated within the reserve, add a historical dimension to the wildlife experience.
  • Trekking to vantage points like Buxa Fort and Rovers Point offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding terrain.
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve actively promotes eco-tourism initiatives, encouraging responsible tourism practices.
  • The Jayanti River, flowing through the reserve, offers an adventurous river rafting experience.
  • Engaging with local communities near the reserve offers visitors a chance to understand the cultural heritage and traditional practices of the indigenous people.
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve provides camping facilities, allowing visitors to spend a night under the stars.
  • The reserve actively undertakes conservation efforts to protect its flora and fauna.

Frequently asked questions

Buxa Tiger Reserve is renowned for its diverse wildlife, historical attractions like Mahakal Cave and Buxa Fort, and its efforts towards tiger conservation.

Buxa Tiger Reserve is located in the northeastern part of India, within the state of West Bengal. It is situated in the Buxa Hills of the Eastern Himalayas, near the border with Bhutan. The reserve spans areas within the Alipurduar district and is a part of the Dooars region

Yes, visitors can explore the ancient Mahakal Cave and the historical ruins of Buxa Fort, adding a unique historical element to their visit.

While tiger sightings are not guaranteed due to the elusive nature of the species, the reserve is committed to their conservation.

The reserve can be accessed by road from nearby towns in the Dooars region. Alipurduar is one of the common gateways. Its approx 17km from Alipurduar.

The ideal time to visit is during the dry months from November to April when wildlife sightings are more frequent.

Buxa Tiger Reserve is home to a variety of mammal species, such as Indian leopards, Bengal tigers, clouded leopards, giant squirrels, gaurs, chital deer, and wild boars. The reserve also boasts 65 fish species, 41 reptile species, and 4 amphibian species that have been identified within its diverse ecosystems.

Buxa Tiger Reserve lies in the Alipurduar sub-division of Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. Its northern boundary runs along the international border with Bhutan.

Entry fee is INR 150 per head, whereas for foreigners its INR 500 and for vehicles its INR 300.
Its advisable to get in touch with the reserve's staff  or officials for the updated rates.  

There are two shifts for safari, one in the morning and the other in the evening.
Morning (6 am -  11am)

Evening(2pm - 6pm)

The rate is INR 800 per head, but it is highly recommended to check with the reserve's officials.

Buxa Tiger Reserve, nestled in the Dooars region of West Bengal, offers diverse accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. Here are some noteworthy places to stay within the reserve or its vicinity:

Rajabhatkhawa Buxa Jungle Lodge: This West Bengal Forest Development Corporation (WBFDC) property is the only one offering air-conditioned accommodation within the reserve. Choose from four-bedded, three-bedded, double, or dormitory rooms, all surrounded by the lush embrace of the subtropical forest.

Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest Bungalow: Located near Santalbari Range, this basic but comfortable bungalow is ideal for budget-conscious travelers seeking a no-frills experience in the heart of the wilderness.

Jayanti Hills Jungle Camp: Situated amidst rolling hills and tea gardens, this eco-friendly resort offers a delightful blend of comfort and adventure. Opt for cottages, log cabins, or Swiss tents, and enjoy jeep safaris, nature walks, and birdwatching within the resort premises.

Humro Home Buxa: This homestay nestled near Buxa railway station is a great option for budget travelers and backpackers. The family-run homestay offers clean rooms, delicious local meals, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Mountain View Homestay Raimatang: Perched atop a hill, this homestay boasts stunning views of the Buxa Tiger Reserve and the surrounding valleys. The homestay offers basic but comfortable accommodation and a chance to experience the local tribal culture.

Remember to book your accommodation well in advance, especially during peak season.

I hope this information helps you plan your stay at the Buxa Tiger Reserve!

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Tiger Reserve in Dooars


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