Gorumara National Park

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National Park in Lataguri, Dooars
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Nestled amidst the verdant foothills of the Himalayas, Gorumara National Park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Established in 1992, this 80 sq km park pulsates with life, boasting lush forests, sprawling grasslands, and meandering rivers that create a picture-perfect canvas for an unforgettable wildlife getaway.

Gorumara’s crowning jewel is undoubtedly the Indian one-horned rhinoceros. These prehistoric-looking giants with their armored plates and single horn roam the grasslands, often spotted grazing or wallowing in mud pools. The park’s successful conservation efforts have led to a thriving rhino population, making Gorumara one of the best places in India to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Beyond rhinos, Gorumara is a treasure trove for birdwatchers. Over 193 species of birds call the park home, including vibrant hornbills, majestic eagles, and playful sunbirds. Keep your eyes peeled for elusive mammals like Asian elephants, sloth bears, barking deer, and leopards while exploring the park’s diverse ecosystems.

Embark on thrilling jeep safaris, conducted by experienced guides, that take you deep into the heart of the park. These safaris offer a unique opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitat, creating memories that will last a lifetime. For a more immersive experience, opt for elephant rides or nature walks that allow you to connect with the park’s rich biodiversity at a slower pace.

Gorumara National Park is more than just a wildlife sanctuary; it’s an experience that rejuvenates the senses and leaves you yearning for more. So, pack your bags, dust off your binoculars, and get ready to discover the magic of this enchanting wilderness in the heart of the Dooars.

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  • Gorumara is a sanctuary for one-horned rhinos, offering a rare chance to witness these majestic creatures.
  • Encounter wild elephants in their natural habitat within the park's lush environs.
  • Bird enthusiasts can revel in the park's diverse birdlife, including colorful species like hornbills.
  • Jeep safaris provide an exhilarating journey through Gorumara's scenic landscapes and wildlife habitats.
  • Elevated watchtowers offer prime viewpoints for spotting animals and capturing panoramic vistas.
  • Gorumara's varying terrains host a rich variety of plants and landscapes, adding to the park's natural allure.

Frequently asked questions

Gorumara is renowned for its diverse wildlife, including one-horned rhinos, elephants, and vibrant bird species.

  • State: West Bengal
  • District: Jalpaiguri
  • Subdivision: Malbazar
  • Nearest Town: Chalsa (around 30 minutes away)
  • Major City: Siliguri (around 70 km away)

The park is accessible by road from nearby towns in the Dooars region. Lataguri is a common base for visits.

Visitors can spot one-horned rhinoceros, elephants, leopards, various deer species, and a wide range of birdlife.

Yes, jeep safaris are offered, providing exciting opportunities to explore the park's wilderness and spot wildlife.

Yes, Gorumara is one of the few places where you can witness one-horned rhinos in their natural habitat.

Camping might not be allowed within the park, but there are accommodations available in nearby areas like Lataguri.

  • Indian Citizens: Rs. 120 per person
  • Foreign Nationals: Additional Rs. 500 per person

The entry fee is Rs 120 per head and the elephant ride will cost Rs 900 each. In other words, Rs 1,020 per head per ride

Gorumara offers two safaris-
elephant ride and jeep ride.

Jeep safaris are typically more flexible in terms of covering a larger area and reaching different parts of the park. It allows for a faster and more extensive exploration, especially during the morning and evening shifts when wildlife activity is higher.

On the other hand, elephant safaris provide a more intimate and close-to-nature experience. Riding on the back of an elephant allows for a quieter and less intrusive approach to wildlife, providing a unique perspective.

To determine the best safari for you, consider factors such as your preference for vehicle or animal-based exploration, the time of day you prefer to visit (morning or evening), and any specific wildlife or landscapes you hope to encounter.

Safari TypeLocationsTimings (March-September)Timings (October-February)Entry FeeGypsy FeeGuide ChargeCamera Charge
Jeep SafariYatraprasad, Medla, Chandrachur, Chapramari6:00 AM - 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM7:00 AM - 5:00 PMRs. 120/personRs. 930/gypsyRs. 150Rs. 200
Elephant SafariDhupjhora, Kalipur 17:00 AM - 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM7:00 AM - 8:00 AM and 8:00 AM - 9:00 AMRs. 120/person + Rs. 900/rideRs. 930/gypsyRs 150200

It's advisable to check with the local authorities or tour operators for the most current information on safari options and conditions in Gorumara National Park.

Jeep Safaris: Embark on thrilling rides through the forest, guided by experienced naturalists, for the best chance of spotting wildlife.
Elephant Rides: Get a unique perspective on the park from atop an elephant's back.
Nature Walks: Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the forest on guided walks or self-explorations.
Birdwatching: With its diverse avian population, Gorumara is a haven for birdwatchers of all levels.
Boat Rides: Take a gentle cruise on the Murti River and enjoy the picturesque scenery.

The park welcomes visitors daily from 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM, with the exception of Thursdays. The entry fee is Rs. 120 per person and Rs. 930 per gypsy.

Inside the Park: Options include the luxurious Rhino Camp Eco-Lodge and the budget-friendly Murti Eco Tourism Centre.
Nearby Villages: Choose from resorts, homestays, and jungle lodges in places like Lataguri and Santalbari.

October to February: Pleasant weather, clear skies, and increased wildlife activity make this the prime season.
March to May: The weather gets warmer, but birding enthusiasts enjoy this period for spotting migratory birds.
June to September: Monsoon season makes the park inaccessible due to heavy rainfall.

The park is closed every Thursday and from 15th June to 15th September every year 3.

Yes, you can book the tickets online.
For booking check www.wbsfda.org

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National Park in Lataguri, Dooars


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